Welcome to ComHabitat

Welcome to ComHabitat!

The Commonwealth Secretary-General formally established the Commonwealth Consultative Group on Human Settlements (CCGHS) in September 1998. The CCGHS is an intergovernmental group made up of Ministers who are responsible for implementing the Habitat Agenda in their own countries. At its first meeting, held in Nairobi in May 1999, the CCGHS adopted a Commonwealth goal of achieving:
“Demonstrated progress towards adequate shelter for all with secure tenure and access to essential services in every community by 2015” .

ComHabitat consists of CCGHS supported in practical ways by a Network of agencies from government, local government, civil society and the private sector. ComHabitat aims to assist Commonwealth countries to work towards the Commonwealth Goal through:
– Networking and advocacy;
– Research and information sharing; and
– Making the CCGHS ministerial process accessible to other partners implementing the Habitat agenda.

In May 2003, the CCGHS agreed the following objectives:
– Provide basic services to households, neighbourhoods and villages.
– Incorporate shelter provision into national poverty alleviation programmes.
– Promote good governance.
– Promote security of tenure.
– Remove systematic discrimination against women especially in respect of title to property and inheritance rights.
– Promote attainment of the Commonwealth goal.

On 6th April 2005, the CCGHS and other agencies from the wider ComHabitat Network will meet in the wings of UN-Habitat’s Governing Council to consider two papers:
– a progress report on the work of ComHabitat; and
– a paper on partnerships in water, sanitation and human settlements.
Water, sanitation and human settlements are the themes of the upcoming Thirteenth Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. If you would like more information about the April meeting, please contact us.